Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Would steel home construction prevent most tornado destruction?

Recently some home builders have presented the concept of steel homes on network and cable television. A builder in Arkansas showed his Ozark mountaintop home which he said could withstand 140 mph sustained winds.  Generally, the cost of construction is 5-10% more than conventional home construction with wood.

Jay Gartner has a YouTube video giving some details on how this works.

A web search shows many companies offering steel homes, many with “kits”, and I’m not sure how much hands-on responsibility that leads to.  Some of the companies are in Australia and New Zealand.

A typical website is “green steel homes” here

I do wonder how much steel technology might have been used to rebuild Greensbug, KS.

Should building codes in more tornado-prone areas in the south and Midwest encourage steel homes?  Would steel construction have prevented the devastation in Tuscaloosa, Raleigh, and other towns during April’s tornado outbreaks?  Can it withstand an F5 tornado?

Should prevention of destruction in the face of such a disaster be a priority?

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