Thursday, December 20, 2012

Boehner's Plan B does seem initially harmless, but doesn't accomplish much

The Washington Examiner offers an editorial perspective Thursday December 20, 2012, p. 48, that Boehner’s “Plan B” is about as harmless (to conservatives and everyone else) as it gets.

It fixed the Alternative Minimum Tax thresholds (a highest priority for 2012 returns), prevents a middle class tax increase (well, not exactly – FICA will go up), and protects small businesses from estate taxes.  (Why not use the same carve-out idea on tax rates?  For small businesses and IRS code, it's all about "Chapter S".  But 85% of the wealthy have small businesses that would need a carve-out to protect jobs -- CNN.)  It seems pretty harmless in the short run, not stiffing anyone.
The editorial also expresses gloom that anything can be done about entitlements with Obama president, but I thought Obama himself was willing to talk about raising Medicare eligibility ages (gradually) and using a chained CPI for future social security benefits, at least. It sees, as thought it's the GOP that is punting on the cuts now.  No "4th and 29" play like the Baltimore Ravens pulled off recently, for the GOP now. 
The link is here.   It’s nice reading while eating a high protein breakfast in the cafeteria at the Virginia Hospital Center.

But the Editorial Board of Gannett’s USA Today says that there aren’t enough rich people to bail out the economy (no, not enough tech prodigies like Mark Zuckerberg or pop stars like Justin Bieber, or star quarterbacks or home run sluggers).  The middle class will really have to pay more.  And there aren’t enough new workers being raised by recent generations to keep paying off the baby boomers.  Paying FICA and Medicare taxes isn’t enough; you have to be able to have and raise children, too, to pay for your old age (and not just put if off for years of graduate or medical school).  The link is here.  “Don’t place the middle class off limits”.   The opposing view, “End Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans” comes from Representative Sandy Levin (D-MI).   

Why do these two parties have to keep pointing fingers?  Why can't politicians do their jobs like ordinary people and take Christmas off?  (Some ordinary people don't get holidays off.) 

Update: Dec. 22

Boehner's plan was "too" innocuous.  He couldn't get the votes to bring it to the floor Thursday night.  

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