Friday, February 01, 2013

Virginia's governor wants to tax hybrid or electric cars, but not gasoline

Virginia’s governor Bob McDonnell ® has ruffled some sails by proposing to levy a special registration tax ($100 a year) on hybrid or electric vehicles that pay no or much less gasoline tax, to pay indirectly for road use.

That’s a bit inconsistent with proposals to scrap the gasoline tax altogether and hike the sales tax from 5% to 5.8%. 
The Atlantic has a good editorial on all this, here (by Jordan Weissmann).. 

It’s true, transportation money is spent on other things besides roads, including the new Metro Silver Line.
And it makes sense to raise money from tolls and congestion pricing (with the new Ezpass lanes on the Virginia Beltway).  But the Atlantic proposes a new GPS device in every car to tax drivers on miles driven.  Scary and intrusive.  The state would know where you’re going and coming, like any first grader.
Blue Virginia writes that McDonnell’s math just doesn’t add up, here.

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