Saturday, February 09, 2013

Washington 2013 Auto Show: a few new safety innovations stand out

On Saturday afternoon, the 2013 Washington Auto Show is indeed very crowded (link).  The physical space to be covered by walking is enormous.  There is a line to have your backpack searched (new this year, I think, probably because of recent events), then another to buy a ticket, then a long walk to get to the lower level, and then two escalator rides to the upper level.

What I saw resembles what was there last year.  The show took two whole floors. The most interesting exhibits tended to be upstairs, where they had hybrid cars (like the Volt and Prius) and demonstrations of new home charging stations.

There were also some enormous vans, however, assuming that there are a lot of octomoms around.

There was a model racetrack, and another test drive track for the Fiat, and some antique cars, one sponsored by Fairfax County Public Schools.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the show concerned new automatic parking devices and new pedestrian safety innovations, and safety seats.
A car can actually inflate a buffer outside the car to protect a pedestrian or bicycle. 

There wasn't a lot for bike loves.  

There was plenty of food. 

The show ends Sunday, February 10. 

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