Sunday, March 31, 2013

If "those Republicans" need to learn personal humility and readiness, what about the rest of us? There is no "they"!

For Easter Sunday, here’s a column by Marc A. Thiessen, “In the pope, a model for Republicans”, p A13, the Washington Post, March 30. 2013, link here

Here’s an important point: saying the right homilies about the poor is not enough. “You have to show up.” He says that “they” (those Republicans) need to “spend time with students struggling in failing schools” … they need to spend time helping those trapped in dependency…:

Well, the key phrase is “spend time”.  Get involved, personally.  But of course you can’t barge in on someone and say, “I’ll willing to relate to you personally.”  Particularly if you were unwelcome before.  Can you ask “What can I do for you?”

This sounds more like saying everyone needs the right psychological template of personal preparedness, and to step up when the need shows up.  Because it always does.

Remember, too, “There is no ‘they’”.
Funny, with my father the word “ready” had meant, “set ‘em up” for a chess game.  

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