Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is shale "fracking" leading to strip-mining?

I got an email from Truthout today claiming that Fracking is leading to more surface-mining for sand in areas like Wisconsin, and claims that sand mining leads to cancer among workers.  “Small farmers who have lived for years in the peace and quiet of the country watch hundreds of trucks roll by their houses every day as bluffs are blasted down to great piles of sand”.

It would help if activist web sites would send me links to published text, not just stories as if I could reproduce them in entirety on my own blogs.  Is that what they want? 
I couldn’t find this specific story on Truthout yet, but I did find a page, dated April 25,  2012 “Fracking in Depth”, going to many articles, (website url) here

The site seems very slow today. 

When I’ve driven through fracking country, I haven’t seen many fracking wells; sometimes they can be confused with certain kinds of cell phone towers. 

The “jury” is still out this one.  Sand mines and quarries are common; there’s one east of Cumberland, MD on Polish Mountain, visible from I-68;  there’s one near Gore, VA (beyond Winchester), and a lot of them along a stretch of I-287 in northern New Jersey. 
The Truthout email came with a desperate plea for donations.  

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