Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mark Zuckerberg weighs in on H1-B visa debate, and the "mores" of a knowledge economy"

Mark Zuckerberg has an op-ed in The Washington Post today, “The keys to a knowledge economy”, link here.
The major political issue that he addresses is immigration policy.  Congress should be more disposed to allow highly educated immigrants to stay because they tend to create jobs, especially in technology, for Americans.  He writes that the supply of H1-B visas runs out very quickly each year once made available.

He also notes that our moral sense has changed.  When, a few decades ago, we had a “resource” economy, we tended to view the world as a zero-sum game (which explains why there is an economic concept called “real estate”).  The world was bound to natural resources, machines, and most of all manual labor, the last of which was a real preaching point from my own father back in the 1950s.  Whole systems of “right and wrong” seemed tethered to this fact.  So were political ideologies, especially Marxism.
Mark mentions teaching a class on entrepreneurialship at a middle school.  He says writes that his political activity is bipartisan.  (See coordinated story on “BillBoushka” blog April 3.) 

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