Friday, May 24, 2013

IRS keeps needing beefsteak for its probing eyes; web sites claim to promote "marriages", family

The Internal Revenue Service got another black eye this week as USA Today reported that families adopting children were often singled out for audits for the credits they took, although the audits recovered almost no additional revenue. 
The USA Today story by Bob Smietana is here  

The scandal over auditing “conservative” groups has already culminated in Lois Lerner, the IRS director of exempt organizations, taking the Fifth Amendment, link here.

But imagine the culture of working in an IRS office, underwriting the exemptions.  It rather reminds me of the ethical challenges one could find in general working in insurance underwriting.  It’s the sort of thing that leads to conflict of interest.
Society, it seems to me, sends very mixed messages on adoption.  On the one hand, NBC Washington’s “Wednesday’s Child” program begs for families to adopt foster children, and some states, like Minnesota, even encourage singles to adopt.  One the other hand, some prospective parents (especially LGBT) would be met with suspicion.

I’m also struck by the mixed messages on the importance (or lack of thereof) of having relationships.  The site “” brags about promoting marriages.  The Santorum crowd would like that.  “Christian Singles”, often advertising on CNN, talks about “God’s match for you”, almost as if people really couldn’t find their partners on their own without prodding.  

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