Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pew Research finds controversial public opinions on "breadwinner moms"

The Pew Research Center has reported a study on public opinion on “breadwinner moms”, who bring home most of the income in 40% of American families with children, with the main report here.  There “breadwinner moms” fall into two groups:  married but earning more than their husbands, and single moms.
A good part of the public is concerned that a situation where the wife earns more is not good for marriage itself – men are becoming useless. 
Pew has another link (by Bruce Drake) where it invites public comments, and some couples feel it is a non-issue, link here.  Pew refers to the Washington Post Express magazine at Metro stands as highlighting the issue. 
New reports noted that the US is the only major western country without mandating paid maternity leave; yet countries that provide it (or require employers to) don't have as many families where women earn most (or all() of the income.  The "natural family" crowd would find this controversial, pointing out the need to protect families from the "logical consequences of radical individualism" (Carlson. "Family Matters", 1989).  

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