Saturday, June 08, 2013

More calls for cold turkey on fossil fuels

While waiting for the Big Day at the dentist (implants), I caught sight of an April 2013 Rolling Stone article on fossil fuels, seeming to call for drastic sacrifices and collective action by ordinary Americans to end the dependence on fossil fuels.  The basic link seems to be here.

There was talk about 80% of the North Polar ice cap being lost by 2100.  There are more extreme reports that it could all be gone by 2020.

One important concept was that developing countries should go right into a green phase, without fossil fuel development.  That’s too late for China. 

All of this debate occurs when it finally looks as though the United States can finish major surgery on its biggest Achilles Heel: former dependence on foreign oil, all the way back to the Nixon, Ford and Carter days of my own early adulthood.
The gist that that morning in the waiting room is that the authors want Americans to go cold turkey.  The fact that social ties are weaker and people tend to be pickier about relationships seems to be relevant.

Update: Sunday June 9

Michael Oppenheimer and Kevin Trenberth have a major opinion piece "Will we hear Earth's alarm bells?" the The Washington Post, p. A19, here

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