Saturday, July 06, 2013

Obamacare: Who should be responsible for the medically vulnerable? Prevent bankruptcies; note some doctors still "cash only"

On CNN this morning, an observer noted that the single biggest purpose served by Obamacare is to eliminate personal medical-expense related bankruptcies.

When I worked for RMA, a debt collection agency, near St Paul MN in 2003, I might have moved to the medical collections area had I remained there instead of coming back to Virginia, since I had a background in health care.
Younger and healthy people may well pay somewhat higher premiums to insure the sick.  There is some self-interest served because accidents can happen to anyone, hidden medical issues (like testicular cancer) exist, and people can become casualties of crimes or terror attacks.  Nevertheless, many “ideologues” resent the idea of people being forced to pay for other people’s care, especially for maladies related to “behavior”.
If we value human life as such, that just leaves the responsibility for the less “fortunate” medically speaking to families.  Is that what the GOP wants?
You can’t say this often enough.

CNN also covered today doctors who don't take insurance and insist on cash only -- it's 6% of physicians in the US.  I hadn't heard of this.

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