Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SAT changes seem like a mixed bag

Is the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) being dumbed down, by “common core”?  It seems to me that college bound seniors ought to know some of the more challenging vocabulary words, like “mendacious” and even “pleonastic”. 
CATO has an article suggesting that the changes to the SAT are not necessarily good for Common Core, which is a Bush-era federal-power legacy, link here

But the other motive for the changes was to level the playing field and remove the advantage that parents have when pay people to coach them, sort of the “Gossip Girl” world mentality.  Alexandra Pannoni questions how much difference paid preparation really made, and does emphasize that the entrepreneurial Khan Academy can help all students, USA Today story here.

Somehow it strikes me that students need to learn a lot more than “The Core”.  Activities are good place to start.  The idea that students have to support a multiple-choice answer sounds interesting.  I saw that in a chemistry class when I was subbing.     

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