Saturday, March 01, 2014

Young invincibles not likely to buy their own health insurance; employers still take care of them

ABC News ran a report showing why “young invincibles” still find it cheaper to remain uninsured, with link here. So the "college hunks" crowd that does your household moves may not be buying insurance unless it gets it through the employer or parents. 

The emergency room argument doesn’t work because of the high deductible.  That may be true for missed slides in softball games.  That’s not true for big auto accidents, or violence perpetrated by others.  And it's not true for random illnesses like testicular or bone cancer. 

The cost for many young adults would go up by a factor of two or three if they purchase individual insurance, because insurance companies give less weight to being healthy – even if for admirable means, like being fit, not overweight, and not smoking or abusing alcohol or recreational drugs.

The cost for young adults who get covered by employers will still be reasonable.  You can be sure that Facebook and Google will take care of their employers.  And Mark Zuckerberg, with a physician as a wife, will be insured. (I think another Silicon Valley executive married a surgeon; good strategy.)  

I would still wonder how HIV infection figures into the rates.  HIV is now generally manageable, but the protease inhibitors, while effective and not having nearly the side effects of twenty years ago, are expensive.  

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