Monday, April 28, 2014

"Live Below the Line" asks participants eat on a poor person's resources: like the 30 Hour Fast?

There’s a new challenge to “live below the line” (site), which drew attention when actor Ben Affleck announced he would eat on $1.50 a day, to walk in the shoes of others.  (If you have your own urban garden, it isn’t that hard; calculated how much tomatoes and other vegetables you grow yourself really cost.)  MSN has a story here.
This idea, of course, reminds me of the “30 Hour Fast” which youth groups in many mainstream churches do once a year.  Sometimes during the fast the teens call others to raise money, and sometimes they do other things (like make films). But the sponsor, World Vision, has at least come into question (as with this Huffington story here ).  But of course, a charity like this will have to help kids in dangerous and sometimes “anti-gay” countries like Uganda, so it’s hard to tell, perhaps. 
I recall that the Lama Foundation (rebuilt in New Mexico since a 1996 wildfire), back in the 1980s, offered a weekend called “purification through fasting”.  I did not take them up on it.  
Wikipedia attribution link  from Rio Grande Gorge, visible from Lama (my last visit, May 1984, “Spring work camp”, with plenty of mud and rain at 8500 feet).  

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