Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cyclists should obey the same traffic rules as cars

I disagree with my friends at Vox Media over the idea that bicyclists should be allowed to run red lights after stopping (story by Joseph Stromberg here.).
My main concern as a driver is having to pass the same cyclist multiple times, unless there is a clearly separate bicycle lane.  I also believe cyclists should be allowed to ride only in the same direction as traffic, unless there is a separate bicycle lane with proper signals. 

The other day, a cyclist going the wrong way almost collided with me as I tried to make a right turn.  It is very difficult for drivers to see them in time. 
Likewise, pedestrians need to stay within crosswalks.  I once almost hit pedestrians walking way outside of the crosswalk in Minneapolis because it was difficult to see them before starting the turn.  Drivers should realize it can be hard to see someone about to step into the traffic if the car is already very close to the curb.

Update: May 17, 2014

Update: Here is some more feedback on the issue in the Washington Post.  Some cyclists say that drivers don't obey traffic laws either, so why should they, and then "get a life".  

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