Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Small town California mayor creates controversy with comments on bullying

Mayor Cameron Hamilton, of Potterville CA, created controversy Tuesday by saying that bullied kids and teens should “grow a pair” and learn to stand up for themselves.  CNN has a link and video of the speech here.  The Washington Times has an account by Jessica Chasmar here

Some people thought the remarks were directed against the idea of safe zones for gay students, but the mayor denied that his comments had anything to do with sexual orientation issues.  But the town had supported Proposition 8 in the past.  The Mayor also said he was “against bullying” and that action should be taken when there is violence or repeated and obvious verbal abuse.  He repeated that to Cuomo.

Chris Cuomo interviewed and grilled the mayor of the conservative California town this morning, and wanted to come to some common ground.

I was teased, although aggressively hit and punched, when I was growing up grade school and middle school.  A couple of times, especially in seventh grade, it caused real issues.  In ninth grade, I verbally abused a boy who had an epileptic seizure and was called in by the school nurse.  Had that happened today, I might have wound up in an alternative school for a year.  That incident is in Chapter 1 of my first DADT book.  

I perceived the teasing from the perspective that a “weaker person” would not carry his weight in sharing the burdens of protecting the group.  This is from a “tribal” mindset where people have to face enemies and perils together.  This used to be viewed in terms of gender norms.    

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