Thursday, November 13, 2014

Obama likely to "go it alone" on immigration and energy, maybe without many results

The president plan to go on his “warpath” to go it alone on immigration, as indicated in a New York Times story today by Michael D. Shear, Julia Preston and Ashley Parker, link here
The focus of the president’s attention seems to be to loosen “stay” regulations on parents who are here illegally but who have children who are American citizens, or who have various kinds of skills.  The high-tech industry has wanted a liberal policy to employ immigrants because it cannot always find workers it needs with specific skills and because it wants to sell overseas. It’s not so clear how his policies would affect “illegal” immigrants like Pulitzer Prize reporter Vargas (film “Documented”, May 30, 2014 on Movies blog). 
But there seems to be little interest in pressuring more Americans to become involved in hosting those seeking political asylum or particularly children fleeing violence in Central America and other countries.  As some would say, we don’t “live their lives”.
There’s talk that Obama will try to stop the Keystone Pipeline – and there was another earthquake in southern Kansas yesterday, possibly related to fracking, but it’s far from clear.  (See “Fracknation” and related movies like "Gasland" from the Movies blog, Aug. 27, 2014, as well as "Dirty Oil", March 18, 2012).
So far, the agreement that Obama made with the Chinese on carbon emissions seems a bit underwhelming, but that will come under scrutiny soon.

It's rather amusing to hear the president use the hastag "Obamacare" in his own tweets. 

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