Monday, January 26, 2015

Fracking-related earthquakes wind up in court; abusive civil asset forfeiture cases

An Oklahoma court will decide if drilling companies can be held responsible for home damage from earthquakes believed to be associated with fracking.  The increase in moderate quakes has not been proven to be caused by fracking but that sounds probable. Thinkprogress has a story here.  The news story shows considerable masonry damage to homes.

I lived in Dallas 1979-1988 and experienced no quakes.  I have felt earthquakes in northern Virginia, including the significant one in August 2011.  One time there was a small quake when I was at the Kennedy Center about to board the bus to return.  There is a sense that when you step down, ground is sinking, and it lasts about ten seconds. I once felt a significant shock near Cairo, IL, near the New Madrid dimple.  Again, it is disorienting until you realize it is a tremor.

On civil asset forfeiture, the Des Moines, IA register reports on a major abusive case in Iowa, and another similar one in Nevada, link here.  In one case, a gambler wound up unable to recover $10000 of $100000 of legal winnings seized by police, and had his California home ransacked by police when there were no criminal charges (for drug use or distribution).  In my own case, with a speeding stop, police in Illinois did not give me a ticket when they saw copies of my newly authorted book in the back! 

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