Friday, January 30, 2015

King v Burwell could threaten existing CHIP programs as well as Obamacare itself

The King v. Burwell case challenging “Obamacare” could threaten the medical care and lives of millions of children, according to Ian Millhiser of ThinkProgress.  The concern is not only that people purchasing plans through exchanges “funded by the states” could love coverage (federal participation) depending o how the Supreme Court interprets the “funded” language, but that they could also loose through CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program,  The link to the TP story (circulated on Facebook) is here

It’s unclear how the GOP thinks those with pre-existing conditions should get health care. “Family and friends?” “Gofundme”?   Get serious.  Some in the GOP have an “automaticity” model for “belonging” socially.  

Update: February 19

The Washington Post has many articles this week about how an adverse Supreme Court ruling in June would affect both state budgets and lower income consumers.  For example, Lena H. Sun and Nirah Chohshi write "Millions at risk of losing coverage" (Feb. 16) here.  Ian Millhiser has an article in which he explains a logical flaw in the plaintiff's brief befor SCOTUS, Feb. 19, here

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