Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Current battle over immigration affects adult kids of undocumented people

While having breakfast nearby this morning, I saw an article by Aaron Wiener, “Living the Dream: How a local nonprofit helps college become reality for undocumented immigrants”, in the City Paper (Washington DC), link here. The nonprofit is “The Dream US”, link here. The student at issue, a female from Guyana (unfortunately, that’s where Jonestown was in 1978) and wound up with a scholarship at TrinityUniversity, in NE DC, for women, near Catholic University. 
Vox Media has a detailed explanation of the status of the Obama administration’s “deferred action” programs, particularly for those over 30 whose parents came here illegally.  A federal judge issued a possibly damaging injunction Feb. 20, based on administrative (not constitutional) law.  The scuffle doesn't seem to hurt those under 30. 
This issue is legally complex, and changing rapidly, and unfortunately is creating an unwholesome opportunity to play politics even with the Department of Homeland Security (which another Vox piece maintains is redundant, but that’s another matter – I don’t relish the idea of TSA screeners not being paid, as one time I almost applied for that kind of job).  The issue is more distant from my world, and the political issues (like DADT and free speech) that I have battled.  But the issue of political asylum for people from hostile countries (especially anti-gay) could change that. 
It's well to remember the story of Jose Antonio Vargas, former Washington Post journalist, in his film "Documented" (Movies, May 30, 2014). 
Wiener has another interesting piece about the demographics of Washington DC population, where in much of the City a majority of adults are childless, link here.  That prompted some anger in the comments.

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