Wednesday, February 18, 2015

GOP in Oklahoma wants to eliminate AP History, says it is "revisionist"; kids need to get skills early

The GOP in Oklahoma wants to ban AP History because it sees the course as “revisionist’ and liberal, Education Week story by Catherine Gewertz here
There’s no complaint that students should study the founding documents, and even the controversy over church and state (like whether the Ten Commandments should be posted on public buildings, or earlier controversies over prayer in public schools).  The bill seems aimed at eliminating liberal or progressive content, such as recent battles over gay marriage, which will naturally come up when students examine equal protection concepts (whatever the Supreme Court does this June).
AP courses are seen also as putting more demands on kids and reducing social time with real people, although that’s partly a matter of time spent on line.
But they also are a good strategy for handling debt.  If you can earn college credit in high school, you can graduate sooner from college and borrow less.  And there is then more time for community or national service projects.  
I’ve got to throw in another comment on skills in areas like music or acting, mathematics, foreign languages, and software coding.  The earlier you can start this in life, the easier it is.  The best OOP coders today learned the concepts when they were tweens, not when they are 50.  (Mark Zuckerberg knows that.)  It’s easier to master skills and fluency before your brain starts pruning.  That’s just biological fact.  

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