Friday, February 27, 2015

Jack Andraka talks about education of gifted students

Here’s an interesting interview on a site called “Down the Hall” by Dr. Rod Berger, of teen scientist Jack Andraka, link here. Andraka will enter Stanford as a freshman in the fall of 2015.
I did wonder how he got time off from “public school” for all of these speaking engagements all over the country.  Jack talks about the “bulimic” learning strategy, where you learn as much as possible to regurgitate on tests.

Oh, I can remember junior English, around 1960.  “Learn your facts about your authors.”  A test that was partly T-F and fill in the blanks.  In those days, 95-100 was A, 89-94 was B, and below 75 was “E”.  How did we all make it through the strain of this.  (There’s actually a scene with an English literature teacher insisting on memorizing facts in the 1960 horror film “Blood of Dracula”.) 

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