Monday, March 16, 2015

Debate over teacher privacy and student progress assessment intensifies with litigation

Emma Brown and Moriah Balingit have a major story in the Washington Post on Monday, March 16, 2015 about the visibility of teacher classroom performance, “Parent sues for release of teacher evaluation data”, in Loudoun County, VA; online the title is “Virginia pushed into debate of teacher privacy vs. transparency for parents”, link here
All of this links back cases in California releasing individual teacher data.  But some states, like Indiana and Arkansas, have laws masking the identification of individual teachers. 
Performance on the SOL’s is only one factor. Improvement in a student’s performance in the next year is another measure.

When I attended high school, teachers were perceived as having “power” in determining which kids made it, by the tests they gave and the way they graded.  I wonder how many test and exam questions I can remember now.  How about naming the eight parts of the Elizabethean theater (including the proscenium doors).  

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