Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Police profiling and "pocket picking" of Africa Americans in Ferguson was real (DOJ)

A Department of Justice report on the incidents in Ferguson, MO last year indicated that Ferguson police were profiling African-American residents, apparently in large part to earn spare income for city coffers and police themselves.
African-Americans would be ticketed for minor offenses ("traffic stops") or no offenses repeatedly, and then picked up for “failure to appear”.  The practice would drive some people deeper into poverty, reinforcing a vicious cycle.
Mark Strassmann has a report on CBS here.
But Alexis C. Madrigal had a long article in the Atlantic back in August 2014, here
The unfortunate reality is that without the vehement protests, which did destroy the property of some people and cause injuries, around the country, especially Ferguson, last year, the practice of profiling and targeting by police would still be going on now. 

Update: Later March 4

Vox (German Lopez) reports on the shocking conduct of some members of the police department, with their emails, here.  African-American residents report living under siege.  The Vox article embeds the DOJ report text.  

Update: March 5

Despite the scathing reports by the DOJ on systematic profiling, forensic evidence suggests that Michael Brown did not have his "hands up" when shot, and may have been approaching Wilson; DOJ doesn't find evidence to charge Wilson with civil rights violations individually; CNN link here

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