Friday, April 24, 2015

Breast cancer researcher points to new evidence of viral cause of some tumors, and likelihood of vaccine prevention

Today, ABC affiliate WJLA in Washington reported a study indicating that some breast cancers are causd by retroviruses distantly related to HIV, and could be preventable with a vaccine. The report quotes Dr. Kathleen Ruddy of the Breast Health and Healing Foundation (link ).  Dr. Ruddy has a book, “Of Mice and Women”.
The news story with video is here.
But in 2014, other articles, like this one in Science Daily, had reported studies of breast (and brain) tumors not showing viral cause evidence, link here. Yet the article admits that up to 20% of cancers may be virus-related.  This may include some lymphomas.

One question would be, if an anti-retroviral vaccine could be made for some breast cancer, does this help with making one for HIV .  I was screened for an early vaccine in 1988 but did not participate.
Another question would be whether virus-induced cancers could yield to mesothelin dip tests, like the kind developed for pancreatic cancer by Jack Andraka.
One of the cancers associated with AIDS, Kaposi’s Sarcoma, has been found to be closely connected to an unusual herpes virus, which probably causes it directly in an immune-compromised person.

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