Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Census reports show African-American men of working-age men "missing"; another police incident, in Baltimore

A story in the New York Times “Upshot” column by Justin Wolfers, Kevin Quearly, and David Leonhardt, “1.5 Million Black Men, Missing from Daily Life”, link here certainly seems fitting on the same day as demonstrations in Baltimore over another police incident (wabc2 AP video news story here).
A lot of the material in the NYT piece comes from Census surveys, one of which I worked on in 2011.  Black men of working and fathering age are disappearing, to both premature death and prison, when compared to non-black men and women.  Prison is increasing.  (It would be interesting to do the same study for non-European Latinos.)  There are not enough black men available to marry black women and form families, so there are more single mothers.  Of course, this raises an existential moral question on openness (or lack thereof) to interracial relationships.  The stance the article takes on family formation is interesting.  

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