Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fort Bragg, NC offers some of the best military history museums to the general public, and recalls for me the old issues over conscription

Back from a trip, and more details may come forth as time goes by (as in “Casablanca”), to UNC and then to Fort Bragg (a drive-through) and Fayetteville, NC with the Airborne and Special Operations Museum, which is off-base and free, but dependent on donations (and does have a private shop), here., as long as a Veterans Park Museum next door.

The museums (both) are among the most complete military history museums I have seen. 

There were pictures of troops in Washington DC during the 1968 riots. 

There was a huge variety of murals. 

And there is detailed history of how Special Forces worked in almost every conflict in US history.
  I remember riding through Fayetteville NC on the bus late at night Feb. 8, 1968 on the way from Richmond to Army Basic and the Reception Station in Fort Jackson, SC.  At that moment, I probably had four more hours to "live".  

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