Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Millennials" lose interest in the "idea" of "heterosexual" marriage

Carol Costello has an interesting perspective on CNN, that “marriage apocalypse” is coming for millennials, and not because of gay marriage.

Indeed, one African-American man on the Today show (heterosexual) said that he sees marriage as "being married to an idea" rather than a person, and sees that as crippling.
Self-fulfillment and individual accomplishment and accolades have taken over from the more “participatory” satisfaction of marriage.  People are asking, why spend $20000 on a wedding when you could go around the world for that? (Maybe not to Syria, though, and that’s part of the problem.)

What’s good for a particular individual is not good for the whole if everybody decides to do it.

So many issues are like this, from vaccines today to the military draft of the past. 

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