Sunday, April 26, 2015

Protests in Baltimore over Freddie Gray turn ugly

The Baltimore Sun has a running tally on the latest developments in the Freddie Gray case, link hereNumerous incidents of vandalism or local violence were reported in the protests Saturday.  Fans at the Baltimore Orioles’s game were told to stay at Camden Yards, but the game went into extra innings.  The Orioles (who, like the Washington Nationals, have been stumbling) won in ten innings.  The fans were allowed to leave but told to avoid certain areas.
In the meantime, the police have been making press releases which seem to take some responsibility, for the fact that Gray was not properly handled.  At this point, indictment and prosecution, even for involuntary manslaughter, would appear likely.

As soon as I have time, I try to get my own feet on the ground as to the areas affected and report. 
The most affected area appears to be Gilmor Homes off Pressman Street, north of US 40 west of downtown, map 

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