Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wealth inequality and the obligations of "trust fund babies" to man the soup kitchens

Dana Milbank has a column about the “evils” of inherited wealth on p A13 of the Washington Post, today, Wednesday, April 15, 2015 (Income Tax Day), link here .  The print title is “So much for so few”.  The online title is more blunt, “Republicans push for a permanent aristocracy”, rather like a House of Lords.
The detailed history of the “5 Million” is in Wikipedia, here
Yes, it was helpful to me in the years following Mother’s passing, although it was much less than “5 million”.
Milbank uses the term “trust fund babies”, as if they were suitable targets for forceful expropriation (like by the People’s Party in the early 1970s). 

Vox Media has a series of articles and videos (produced largely by Ezra Klein) on why wealth inequality (as opposed to income inequality) is bad for America, here ,
Of course, some conservative ideas about social morality (like sex and marriage, and unelected family obligations) are supposed to level the individual playing field. And social conservatives in the past used to support military conscription, as a way to spread the risk – before all the deferments came along.  Conservatives would "privatize" the moral inequality risk. 
Ponder both Thomas Piketty and Matthew Rognile. 
Think about all this the next time you visit a fast food restaurant.  Today is “Fight for 15” day.

Update: April 17

The GOP gloats over repeal of the "death tax". 

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