Thursday, April 02, 2015

Winter storms didn't leave California Sierras a snowpack, and draconian water rules seem to be coming

California Governor Jerry Brown has ordered mandatory water conservation measures, seriously affecting residents, small business, and particularly the agricultural industry in the flat central valley, as in this LA Times story by Matt Stevens and Shelby Grad, link here
What sounds so shocking is that the snowpack at around 9000 feet in the Sierra Nevada is zero, when it should be around five feet.  And this is the case despite several major Pacific storms earlier this winter. 
Farmers say they have about another year in aquifers to produce vegetables at current levels. 

It sounds like conditions even in urban California (including Silicon Valley -- Google, Apple and Facebook, all with new campuses -- and LA both) could get much worse quickly.  
Picture: Mine, near Tioga Pass, 9000 feet, May 2012. 

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