Saturday, May 09, 2015

Baltimore, somewhat quiet today, but why is a volunteer center burned down?

I did a follow-up visit of Baltimore today, to attend the Maryland Film Festival (see Movies blog).
I wasn’t aware of the peaceful demonstrations in NW Baltimore.  But I did find the City Hall by car – it’s easy to see from the end of I-83, but is obscured by a lot of building when you’re on the side streets.  Ironically, it’s easy to get to from “Gay Street”.  The War Memorial is across the street.

Near City Hall, a volunteer center seems to have burned down.

I drove past the old "Block" from the 1960s, mentioned early in my novel. 

There’s bit of a problem in how some people on the streets behave around motorists, walking almost in front of them when the motorist has a green light.  No, that’s not the way to prove that “black lives matter”. 

Michael Smerconish of CNN discusses a Harvard study showing where you grow up affects how much you earn, especially for minority or lower income families.

There is a lot of talk about this, as in a Vox piece by Michael Yglesias, about moving poor kids’ parents to better neighborhoods.  That’s because the well-off won’t come into an area and walk in someone else’s shoes – they’ll raze a neighborhood and gentrify it for themselves. 

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