Saturday, May 23, 2015

Concerns about Yellowstone supervolcano increase recently

CNN has issued a few videos warning that the magma chamber (which is quite deep, maybe extending hundreds of miles into the Earth) underneath Yellowstone, could be getting closer to exploding as a supervolcano, which would, at the very least, spread ash over half of the US.  The latest video is here.

There are reports that springs are getting even hotter, and some levels are changing.  Small earthquakes are common.
I was in Yellowstone myself in May 1981. I did walk among the hot springs on a cloudy, cool day. 
In October 1998, I went on an Outwoods hike 30 miles from Minneapolis, where a U of M geology professor warned that a supervolcano eruption was already getting more likely.

The last such eruption happened 640,000 years ago.  There is an eruption about every 700,000 years, and subsequent eruptions have moved farther East.  This would tend to make the next eruption in northern Wyoming and southern Montana, perhaps. 
A cloud from a supervolcano could oppose global warming for several years.
Dutchsinse has been warning of this possibility on his YouTube videos and Facebook page. Media reports indicate that the Park Service has closed trails because of weather and bear behavior, but many believes the Park Service isn't "telling the truth".  There are a lot of comments on Facebook right now. 

What would happen with “refugees” from such an Event?  Would the rest of us house them (with “radical hospitality”)?
Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Mammoth Hot Springs by Brocken Ingalory, Creative Commons 3.0 Share-Alike License. 

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