Thursday, May 14, 2015

Four Quarters Interfaith, sustainable community in southern PA, a quick visit today

Today, I made another quick visit to an intentional community,  This one is called Four Quarters, and it is located in southern Pennsylvania, about four miles from the Maryland Line, off PA 26.  You access it from Exit 68 on I-68 in Maryland, Orleans Road, which goes East on US-40 for a little and then turns north into PA.  You make the first major turn off 26, and then turn a sharp left along a one lane gravel road that becomes a very gutted clay road, requiring a 4-wheel drive or else very slow driving, for a few hundred more yards.

The Washington Post has a big story May 6 by Nicole Crowder.  A Facebook friend had shared it.
Unlike Twin Oaks and Acorn in Virginia, this one does follow a religious practice.  The group’s own site is here

The 250-acre spread has a variety of farm and simple residence buildings, and appears less structured than perhaps Twin Oaks.  I was greeted by a most sentient dog.  


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