Saturday, May 30, 2015

Obama still approves coal leases on public lands, whatever climate change

Vox is reporting that the Obama administration has opened a lot more public lands to coal mining, contradicting its concerns with climate change.  We’ve covered mountaintop removal extensively here before, but the latest concerns are with lands in Wyoming and North Dakota.   The link is here

The US benefits from much less dependence on foreign (outside North America) sources of energy, especially in a national security sense.  On the other hand, the issues with fracking and emissions continue.  The Pickens Plan, of use of natural gas, seems to be going into effect.   
"Deckers coal mine in Montana" by Photograph by R. B. Taylor, U.S. Geological Survey, public domain, Wikipedia attribution link here , my most recent visits in 1994 and then 1998.  

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