Sunday, May 10, 2015

There was some damage from riots in Baltimore's classy Mount Vernon area

I made one more day jaunt to Baltimore Sunday for the Maryland Film Festival.

I talked to some more businesses, who lost income from the curfew last weekend.  I had brunch at Mount Vernon Stables om Charles St., and the manager said they had business interruption insurance, it had to close around 9 PM Friday and Saturday nights.  The gay clubs a few blocks north also lost a lot of business (today, LGBT blog).

The Baltimore gay paper “Baltimore Outloud” has a detailed story on the damage to some businesses in the Mount Vernon area, generally South and West of the Washington Monument.  The area right around the gay bars was not affected.

But some businesses along W. Centre Street, near the Walters Art Museum were damaged (like the 7-11), although many have done full repairs already.

There was more damage along Read Street, west from Cathedral to Howard. 

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