Saturday, May 16, 2015

Vox warns that global warming is getting worse quickly; libertarians wonder about their property rights and climate change

Vox Media has upped the ante in the global warming debate with a story by David Roberts, about an “awful truth nobody wants to talk about”, link here.  Vox writes that we will have to reduce emissions to almost zero eventually and take carbon out of the air.  There are plenty of line graphs to illustrate.  This is an AP differential calculus lesson;  the rate of increase is itself an issue. 
Some libertarians (two articles, one and two) are beginning to see that paying attention to climate change makes sense because of the importance of property rights.  Some coastal properties could become worthless as sea levels rise. This could become a big financial issue.  I’m told that high-end condo buildings in south Florida are built to withstand Category 4 hurricanes now.  But that doesn’t cover land under water.  But national security in general would affect property rights.  A radiation dispersion device could be motivated by an idea of making land worthless and creating economic chaos.
There’s a lot of attention to little things, like planting trees.  But I don’t want big trees next to houses when they can fall on them.  There’s a lot of attention to lifestyle habits, like instant mobility. That’s not quite so critical in a lot of jobs where telecommuting is possible, except that the later raises new cybersecurity issues,  But climate change is getting serious, and it's hard to believe that the Baby Boomers can "get away with it." 

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