Saturday, June 20, 2015

GOP wonders if it will lose working moms over opposition to mandatory paid leave

In  a front page Washington Post Story Saturday, June 20, 2015, Danielle Paquette writes, “Advocates fear GOP will lose working moms’ votes”, link here
Liberals and/or Democrats have controlled the debate by bringing up paid family leave, while the GOP seems to admit that mandatory paid leave could burden the childless indirectly (while supporting companies’ doing so on their own). The GOP wants mothers to be able to claim tax refunds early for maternity leave and to be able to swap overtime pay for leave.
But in the more distant past, conservatives like Pjil Gramm advocated a greatly expanded per child tax credit for married couples, to encourage more children be born in marriages, and Henry Hyde (the “Mom and Pop Manifesto” from Policy Review in 1995) talked about the “family wage”.
Major League Baseball gives paternity leave to players and parental leave to all team employees. The Nationals’ Tanner Roark got paternity leave this weekend for the birth of a child, and the team was allowed to call up a different pitcher.

"The Street" has an article "The 10 Best States for Working Dads" and #1 is Minnesota (where I lived 1997-2003), link.

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