Saturday, June 27, 2015

New pancreatic cancer test, a bit like Andraka's, may become available soon

On Thursday, NBC News, in a story by Linda Carroll,  reported on a new blood test for markers for pancreatic cancer in early stages, before there are symptoms, here
The concept may be a bit like Jack Andraka’s test, but Jack tweeted to me that this new test is based on a different protein. 
The new test seems to be on a fast track for approval, though.
Then there is a question as to putting people through aggressive treatment when there are no symptoms.  Social support systems are necessary, which a lot of people don’t have. 
Pancreatic cancer is very different from the lymphoma for which Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is being treated aggressively.  Again, the regimes, like bone marrow transplants which Robin Roberts underwent, demand a very big social support system. 

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