Sunday, July 19, 2015

"All lives matter" phrase at event not specific enough for some peole

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley planned to interview journalist Jose Antonio Vargas (movies blog, “Documented”, May 30, 2014) with Bernie Sanders, in Phoenix, and a fracas erupted when O’Malley essentially said “All lives matter”. 
Chip Moody’s story with video on CNN is here
Someone screamed, “Don’t generalize…”  Also, "Whar side are you on?" 

In other words, you have a group demanding special attention, regardless of a bigger context.  Turning this around, of course “Black lives matter” (I’ve photo-ed enough signs saying that in demonstrations), and of course police abuse has happened (with Baltimore being one of the worst).  On the other hand, facts in some cases (Ferguson) seem to be wrong.

If “all lives matter”, then all of us can get challenged to prove it in ways we aren’t always expecting to step up to.  Donna Brazile writes on CNN why this generic phrase "misses the point" here

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