Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Suddenly, a prediction of another little Ice Age because of changes in solar rhythm

Here’s an odd story that climate change naysayers will love. Some scientists at Northumbira University in England have studies solar cycles and claim that we may actually be headed for a “little Ice Age”, as in this story on CNN by Ashley Franz, here.  The freezing of the Thames in 1900 is mentioned.  The sudden appearance of the story Monday was surprising given the mounting evidence of global warming.

The cold spell would start around 2030. 
Some freezes in the past (like “The year without a summer” in 1815) have been caused by volcanic cloud cover.
The work has not been peer reviewed, and it is hard to say how this would play out with larger levels of carbon dioxide.
The 1998 TV movie “Ice” supposed that the Sun suddenly lost a lot of its  output.
But the bigger issue could be how well prepared we are for big Carrington-style geomagnetic storms.


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