Sunday, August 30, 2015

Giuliani's former policies on cleaning up NYC seen as hiding "an inconvenient truth" about homelessness

Check out the New York Times article, “Giuliani and the Inconvenient Truth of New York City Homelessness”, on p. 24, Aug. 30, by Ginia Bellafante and her “Big City” column, link here.  Online, the “best title of the story” (remember those “My Weekly Reader” tests) is “Rudolph Giuliani’s Outrage on Homelessness, and Richard Gere’s”. 

Giuliani has bragged about his “broken windows” policy and how it fixed the City in the 1990s.  Admittedly, the City actually started “booming” under Reagan after the fiscal crises of the 70s (“Ford to City, drop dead!).  I lived in New York 1974-1978. Now the former GOP presidential candidates ideas are seen as morally bankrupt by some. 

Richard Gere has produced and stars in the film “Time Out of Mind” (IFC) about homelessness, which opens in September. And in Washington DC, “Street Sense” has sponsored a “Cinema of the Street” series of film shot by homeless people of their own lives, the last mini-festival happening August 26 (see Movies blog for that day) with films like “Raise to Rise” and “Who Should I Be Grateful to?

On YouTube, there also is a 30-minute documentary “Without a Roof” by Gordon Sun

It’s about two years old.

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