Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Landlords in San Francisco try to get out of rent control with "low fault" evictions; city fights back

Here’s a story on “Truth-out” that caught my eye, by Adam Hudson. Because rents and property values in San Francisco are so high, some landlords use “low fault” evictions to get rid of rent-controlled tenants, link here

Tenants are evicted for relatively minor infractions, like hanging laundry or leaving a stroller in a hallway.  Some tenants are harassed by having utilities or cable turned off. And there are even boot camps for lawyers to help landlords get these done!

A great irony is that property could become worthless quickly if there were really bad earthquake damage.  Some properties in 1989 were destroyed because of the way the soil underneath them had settled. 

Wikipedia attribution link for financial district photo by Daniel Schwen  under Creative Commons Share-Alike 2.5 Generic License. My most recent visit was in 2002. 

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