Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Suburban Chicago suburbs sued by moms for lax gun regulation

Two mothers of African-American young men slain by gun violence in the city of Chicago are suing the governments of outlying suburban communities for not regulating the sale of weapons in their town limits (instead of just suing the gun shops, which would presumably have operated legally). 
 Tom Rowley has the Washington Post front page story here on Wednesday August 5, 2015 

This is the first case I have heard of where a local government has been sued not passing a particular law.

But it is true that gun violence in Chicago disproportionately kills and maims African-Americans over whites.  The communities in which the weapons were purchased were presumably more “white”.

Cathy Lanier of the DC police department has helped sponsor a meeting of major police departments on the increase in brazen street violence in many cities this year.  One reason, she says, is synthetic drugs.

Another reason seems to be that we have created a culture where a lot of young men don’t see the “point” in following the law.  They see others “get out of things” that they have to deal with. But that’s a bit of a Maoist argument, encouraging its own brand of authoritarianism.
Wikipedia attribution link for photo of Amtrak train leaving Chicago, taken by Douglas Rahden, under author’s own creative commons license.  Somehow the photo reminds me of  "Atlas Shrugged". 

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