Monday, August 17, 2015

Trump wants to end "birthright citizenship", prevent illegal's money from getting sent home, and reduce asylum

Dara Lind has a sharp piece on Donald Trump’s proposed immigration policy, link here. NBC News has a similar analysis and video here, by Perry Bacon Jr.

The most controversial parts of Trump’s plan seems to be, getting rid of birthright citizenship, which would require amending the constitution (and undoing part of the 14th Amendment, which sounds dangerous and unlikely), and confiscating money from illegals who send income to family members back home.  Also controversial is requiring anyone who comes into the country legally to be able to support the self and family, and (not pleasing to Silicon Valley) clamping down on some skilled workers who might compete for tech jobs.

The bad word that is relevant here is "anchor babies".

It’s very common for immigrants from poor countries to send money home, and this is especially prevalent and expected in Europe from Muslim emigrants.

Requiring self-supporting would confound asylum programs (including LGBT).  However, even the Obama administration has not been willing to discuss the idea of personal sponsorship, an idea that some churches float.

Note two other recent pieces here about possible constitutional amendments (Stevens, Lessig). 

Rand Paul has already proposed a constitutional amendment to end birthright citizenship (story)

Trump is having his experience with jury duty today.

Update: Aug. 21

Charles Krauthamer of the Washington Post weighs in on Trump's proposals, and how to do immigration reform, here ("The Immigration Swamp".  

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