Wednesday, September 02, 2015

"Black Lives Matter" supports transgender in Houston; Six separate trials in Baltimore on Freddie Gray will tax jurors

The site “News 2 Share” reports, in a story by Dina Kesbeh, that in Houston “Black Lives Matter” has held a rally for transgender women, link here. Trey Yingst has continued to report in August from Ferguson, MO.   It would seem to me that the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team might be able to bring that area some change of heart by its performance in the playoffs and likely World Series.

The media is widely reporting that the six officers in the Freddie Gray case will be tried separately, according to a ruling by Baltimore circuit judge Barry Williams, as in the Baltimore Sun story here. Vigorous demonstrations, disrupting traffic but peaceful, were reported in Baltimore today.

The decision probably means finding six impartial juries, which are likely to have to be sequestered.  This will be a real personal sacrifice for the jurors. 

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