Tuesday, October 27, 2015

White House, GOP-controlled House reach deal on budget to about debt-ceiling fiasco and default -- but vote still has to work out on Wednesday

The Associated Press, in a story by Sam Sweeney, has a detailed story on the budget deal struck by John Boehner, house Republicans, and the GOP House late Monday night, here on WJLA, link.

The deal would table any government shutdown, which could have happened in December, and moreover forestall a crisis on the debt ceiling which might have led to a default as early as Tuesday, November 3.

The major media was generally quiet on the debt ceiling issue, except for the Washington Post and then NPR, which had some scare stories on what could happen.  Then early Monday the USA Today ran Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s warning on the debt ceiling (on my Retirement blog Monday).

I had “chatted” with Vox on the matter, which had indicated it was waiting to see how serious the threat of actual failure in Congress would get before writing a yellow-card-stack explainer.  I was away yesterday, but broadcast-tweeted Lew’s op-ed, just before driving into West Virginia where my own phone doesn’t get Internet in many places.  Vox was one of the first companies to report the deal Monday night in a story by Dylan Matthews.  I wonder if the GOP takes even other conservative bloggers seriously. Maybe so.  It’s conservative to pay your bills on time. (I even missed one, from AA Barclay's MasterCard this month, made a mistake, and paid the fee – got the due dates mixed up – it happens to people, but Congress can’t afford it.  Debt collectors don’t call the Treasury.)

Update: Oct. 29

In the debates in Colorado last night, Rand Paul said he would filibuster the budget and debt ceiling deal Thursday, and suggested the government needed to stop borrowing money at some point, and go cold turkey, even if it had to stiff a lot of people.

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