Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Meet another younger inventor, Param Jaggi, tackling emissions and climate change

I’ve written here about the accomplishments of the Andraka brothers (both Luke and Jack), and of Taylor Wilson.  Now, meet Texas-raised Param Jaggi (the name comes from India) who has invented a bio-reactor comprising plates of algae, that he says could clean up auto carbon dioxide emissions completely.  Similar technology could be used wherever fossil fuels are burned.

I can remember back in the late 1970s meeting a woman (indirectly through Dan Fry's "Understanding") whose whole traveling-show activist life was centered around opposing nuclear power.  I’ve always had a problem with activism centered on opposition to just one thing. Small nuclear fission plants might actually make the grid safer from terrorism.  But there is a considerable amount of innovation still around the idea of using fossil fuels (especially natural gas) in a cleaner fashion. Natural gas (all underground) provides the power for my own generator and a backup for emergencies.

Param  now attends Vanderbilt University and is CEO of Ecoviate which also mentions a startup called Hatch Apps which facilitates the building of mobile apps.  It’s not clear to me if there is any connection with “Hatch” which provides engineering and construction management, here.  Probably not, but there seems to be some similarity of interests.

Uproxx has a story about Param’s invention here.

Picture: Nashville, my visit, May 2014. 

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