Monday, December 21, 2015

Near St. Louis, a school district shelters and offers services to homeless students

Emma Brown of the Washington Post reports on the efforts of Superintendent of Schools Tiffany Anderson in Jennings MO  to provide out-of-schools to homeless students, “This superintendent has figured out how to make school work for poor kids”.. 
The services include a shelter, something that almost no other school district tries to do.  But this would get teachers involved in activities outside of academics.  In Washington DC and some other cities, there are charter schools that board students have to hire people prepared for that level of more intimate responsibility. 
The suburb of Jennings is north of St. Louis, not so far from Ferguson. 
The school district also has academic standards for teachers it hires, related to the grade level it would teach
Picture: a boyhood cardboard stadium made in the summer in Kipton Ohio, probably around 1955. 

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