Sunday, December 06, 2015

New York Times makes gun control subject of front page editorial, in advance of Obama's address to the nation

The New York Times created a stir with the relatively rare occurrence of printing an editorial on the front page om Saturday, “End the Gun Epidemic in America”, link here.

I’ll note a particularly important sentence that on the surface seems aimed at the 2nd Amendment issue, here, “No right is unlimited and immune from reasonable regulation.” Imagine that statement applied to the unsupervised dissemination of speech.

On Friday, I had already posted a Tweet about the more existential WMD issue, and on Saturday I made a similar comment on Facebook in response to an NBC News story about President Obama’s expected speech tonight (link). I wrote “Gun control doesn’t stop terrorists, mobsters or other criminals from building arsenals or even WMD’s.  Did not work in France or Belgium. The media hardly talks about existential threats like EMP other than in fiction series.”

That is to say, gun control laws do not stop very determined enemies from building caches of weapons, often much larger than ordinary firearms.  They obviously didn’t stop the cell in France.  However, stricter gun control probably would deter some domestic violence and could prevent rampages from some people who are “mentally ill”.  The experience in Britain and Australia bears that out (as Piers Morgan often points out).
Yesterday, before visiting the Christmas lights around Mount Vernon square and Baltimore’s “Washington Monument”, I did pay a quick symbolic visit to Gunpowder Falls northeast of Baltimore. It was too dark to see much (time of year).  Ten miles further up Route 40 is Aberdeen Proving Grounds, where the US Army keeps some conventional but incredibly dangerous weapons that must never find civilian hands. (See my International Issues blog, March 4, 2010).
We have a lot of work we can do to safeguard the power grids, and to keep radioactive materials out of the hands of potential enemies.   But the mainstream press talks about this very little,

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